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Clothes Dryer Machine

Smad Clothes Dryer Machines for Africa contain heat pump tumble dryers, tumble dryer machines and condenser tumble clothes dryers of 8Kg, 7Kg and 6Kg.

Smad Tumble Condenser Dryer Machine with 15 Programs

·Led display

·15 Programs + 5 buttons

·Drying capacity 8kg

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8Kg Tumble Condenser Dryer Machine

Smad A+++ Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Machine with 16 Total Dry Cycles

• 16 Total Dry Cycles

• Sensor Dry technology

• Modern Electronic Control

• Winkle Care

• Damp Alert

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10Kg Ventless Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Machine

Smad Vented  Clothes Dryer Machine with 15 Drying Programms

·7kg drying capacity

·Galvanized drum

·15 Programs

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7Kg Vented Clothes Dryer Machine

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