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Smad Laundry products range from Front Load Washer,Top Load Washing Machine,Dryer to Washer Dryer Combo. Our laundry products have all the certifications required by the North American market, including UL/ETL/CSA/DOE/Energy Star, etc.

Smad 8Kg Front Load  Washer with 15 Automatic Programs

·Super quick wash

·Allergy Steam and Baby Steam Care

·Self-diagnostic fault-finding

·Wash time remaining indicator

·Smart spin imbalance control.

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8Kg Front Load Washer with 15 Automatic Programs

Smad 10Kg front loading washing machine with LED display

·LED display

·Child Lock  Display

·Auto Balance System

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10Kg Portable Front Loading Washing Machine

Smad 8kg portable rotary dryer white appearance.

·Led display

·15 Programs + 5 buttons

·Drying capacity 8kg

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8Kg Portable Rotary Dryer

Smad heat pump round door clothes dryer  with 15 Programs.

·8kg Clothes Dryer

·With Heat Pump

·LED display

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8Kg Round Door Dryer with Heat Pump

Smad 7Kg Air vented Round Door Rotary Dryer

·7kg drying capacity

·Galvanized drum

·15 Programs

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7Kg Round Door Rotary Dryer


·2.7cuft capacity wash large items

·16 Wash cycles help you customize your clean

·Ventless condensering drying

·No tariff issue impact

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Smad 12Kg Front Load Washer and Dryer All In One

Smad clothes dryer 8kg drying capacity

·8KG Clothes Dryer

·With Condenser

·Round door

·LED display

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8kg 15 Programs Condenser Dryer

Smad single tub portable autometic top loading washing machine

·Tempered Glass Top Cover

·8 Wash Programs

·Fuzzy Control

·LED Display

·Child Lock

·Air Dry

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12Kg Single Tub Portable Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Smad Multi-Function Washer Dryer Combo with 16 programs

·Led display

·5 Temp selections

·15 Programs

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Multi-Function Washer Dryer Combo

Smad 8 Drying Cycles Multi-Function Dryer

·16000 BTU

·8 Drying cycles


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8 Drying Cycles Multi-Function Dryer

Smad electromagnetic lock washer and dryer

·Led display


·Electronic lock

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10Kg Washer and Dryer with Electronic Lock

Smad 9kg front loading washing machine with Led Display

· 220~240V/50Hz

· A+++ -10%

· Orange led display

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9Kg Front Load Washer with Led Display

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