> Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer

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15 WASHING PROGRAMS. Great functionality for you. We are dedicated to creating premium washing machines with superior wash performance and ease of use. This model supports popular features such as quick wash and baby wash programs, as well as a drum cleaning program.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer with 15 Washing Programs

STEAM WASHING TECHNOLOGY. Gentle steaming, strong degreasing. Thanks to Smad Allergy steam / Baby steam care technologies, a large amount of steam is quickly released inside the drum, which removes allergens from clothes, which allows clothes to stay clean and healthy.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Washer with Steam Washing Technology

QUICK WASH. Convenient and easy to wash. The Smad Quick Wash program lasts only 15 minutes. This saves time and energy.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer with Quick Wash

END OF WASH DELAY. Wash at your convenience. The end of wash delay function allows you to program completed programs at a convenient time for you. It also allows you to enjoy lower electricity tariffs.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer with End of Wash Delay

DRUM WITH PROFILE "SNOWFLAKES". Gentle garment protection. Our snowflake drum not only cleans stubborn stains, it also protects clothes from damage.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer with Drum with Profile

DRUM CLEANING. Cleanliness in every corner. The drum cleaning program keeps your washing machine drum squeaky clean with deep cleaning at 95°C.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washerwith Drum Cleaning

CHILD LOCK. Don't worry about the child. Ensure the safety of children. Turn on the lock, and the door and buttons will not respond to pressing, so children will not be able to use the car when you are not around.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer with Child Lock

SAVE NATURE AND ENERGY. A-30% Energy Efficiency Smad washing machines achieve a high level of A-30% energy efficiency, which meets the requirements for reducing harmful emissions from power generation.

Smad 6~8Kg Small Front Load Steam Washer Saves Nature and Energy


Model DWF-60C12LTH(PM) / DWF-70C12LTH(PM) / DWF-80C12LTH(PM)
Washing capacity (KG) 6 / 7 / 8Kg
Programs 15
Spin Speed/Rpm 1200
Display LED
Source of power 220-240V/50Hz
Energy Efficiency Class Wash F/A+++
Spin Drying Performance Class B
Product(W*D*H) 23 X18.1X33.5 / 23 X18.1X33.5 / 23 X23.6X33.5 inch
Packaging(W*D*H) 26 X20.3X35.2 / 26 X20.3X35.2 / 26 X25.8X35.2 inch
Net Weight (Kg) 127.9 / 127.9 / 141.1 lbs
Gross Weight (Kg) 136.7 / 136.7 / 149.9 lbs

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